Do what Astrologers say really makes sense, when they talk about how the effect of planets on our near future would be? Sometimes, they may be. But what really does matters is our thinking. As all the people of the same zodiac sign may not have the same fate!

When we think positive, it directly stimulates the sub-conscious mind, resulting in more efficient way of working we are indulged to. When thinking is positive, without much effort, we see the task to be completing in more satisfying way. All this can be regarded as the reflection of the positive energy.

If we do the same task with pessimistic thoughts, a constant fear of failure, hesitation in taking risks will be there. You will always doubt about the correctness of your decision. All you enthusiasm will die eventually. What it will be then up to? Failure.

Now coming to the individual experiences, it may happen that you might have thought some not so easily possible thing, but still it happened. Actually, you stimulated it with your positive energy. You may be thinking of scoring very good marks in one of your weakest subject before taking exams and still you score partially good which you didn’t expected before. It may be in subject of realisation or not, but all this is the effect of positive energy arising from the positive thoughts.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive     results”

– Willie Nelson



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