From past few months, some “bacteria” are being spreading widely. It’s not that it was not there earlier. It was there earlier too and made a revolution in the whole world. Ya, you are right. Here the talking is done about the “facebook” and “WhatsApp”.

All know that some bacteria are good while others are bad. Well, talking about the “biological bacteria”, we all trust our scientists, the past, present and the future ones too, and let them handle all this classifications, studies, etc.

But these newly (not new but still due to their non-vanishing effect termed as “new”) discovered bacteria are the one of the top topics for discussion among the common people.

What’s then? Some segment of people consider these as good “bacteria” while the other as bad. Many debates, group discussions, special programmes have been held based on these topics and all end up with no conclusion. And how can a conclusion be expected. Even any of the postulate framed by the scientists are not termed false until they are proved wrong. Some say it’s good, some say it’s bad..blah blah blah…..

But, is there really a good or bad effect of these on our life? Well, that depends upon the person using it. So, what’s the matter of discussion? Just use it as you want, but use it wisely. The well-being of your lies in your hands only.

So at last, one conclusion may arise in all the reader’s mind. We have no governance(till now, who knows in future?) on “Biological Bacteria”, but we have governance on the “Social Bacteria”. Use it wisely, properly and it will be definitely a good thing for you in your life. Happy SOCIALIZING.